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Reasons for Findings of Inconclusive Evidence

CrimeSolutions uses rigorous research to inform practitioners and policy makers about what works. Because we set a high-bar for the scientific rigor of the evaluations we use to do this, many evaluations do not meet our criteria. Such programs are included in the list because of the insufficient research evidence about the program, not because of any known weaknesses in the programs themselves.

Programs (see reuse policy).

A Program is a specific set of activities carried out according to guidelines to achieve a defined purpose. Program profiles on CrimeSolutions tell us whether a specific program was found to achieve its goals when it was carefully evaluated. 

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A Practice is a general category of programs, strategies, or procedures that share similar characteristics with regard to the issues they address and how they address them. Practice profiles tell us about the average results from multiple evaluations of similar programs, strategies, or procedures.

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