How CrimeSolutions Works

Flowchart showing the process or reviewing and rating a program's evidence of effects on CrimeSolutions
CrimeSolutions Process of Reviewing and Rating Intervention Evidence (View larger image.)

The programs and practices presented on CrimeSolutions are identified, screened, reviewed, and rated using a standardized process. Programs are reviewed based on evaluations and practices based on meta-analyses that synthesize different evaluations, but those evaluations have to be sufficiently rigorous. Each screened program and practice is reviewed by two certified reviewers using objective scoring instruments. Ratings are assigned based on the consensus score, which is subject to a documented dispute resolution process when necessary. Learn more about the rating process for programs and practices.

Programs fall along two continuums: Effectiveness and Strength of Evidence
Evidence Continuum (View larger image.)

In this process, we consider rigorous evaluations and meta-analyses that result in a rating on the site to be strong “evidence” along a continuum in which we look at both the evidence — which tells us how certain we can be of the outcomes — and the direction of the evidence — was the program Effective, Promising , or No Effects. While the evidence that results in rated programs and practices is considered to be the strongest evidence, a continuum of evidence also identifies which programs and practices may have some evidence but it is either emerging, inconclusive, or unclear.

Date Created: July 31, 2020