Program Profile: Project Arrive

This is a school-based group mentoring program that seeks to improve academic performance and promote resilience against criminal involvement for ninth graders at risk of dropping out.
Date Modified: May 6, 2022

In 2020, Project Arrive received a final program rating of No Effects based on a review of studies by Kuperminc, Chan, and Hale (2018) and Chan and colleagues (2020). In 2021, CrimeSolutions rescreened the studies using the revised outcome criteria, which resulted in the study by Chan and colleagues (2020) screening out. CrimeSolutions conducted a re-review of the same study by Kuperminc, Chan, and Hale (2018), using the updated CrimeSolutions Program Scoring Instrument. This review resulted in the same program rating of No Effects.

Date Created: June 16, 2020