Program Profile: Fostering Healthy Futures® for Preteens

This is a positive youth development program for preadolescent children (ages 9-11) who have current or previous child welfare involvement due to one or more adverse childhood experiences.
Date Modified: July 27, 2022

In 2015, Fostering Healthy Futures® for Preteens received a final program rating of Promising based on a review of studies by Taussig and Culhane (2010) and Taussig and colleagues (2012). In 2022, CrimeSolutions conducted a re-review of Taussig and colleagues (2012) and a new study, Taussig and colleagues (2019), using the updated CrimeSolutions Program Scoring Instrument. The Taussig and colleagues (2019) study was an update of the Taussig and Culhane (2010) study and thus replaced it in the evidence base. This re-review resulted in the program maintaining the final rating of Promising.

Date Created: July 20, 2015