Program Profile: Project Towards No Drug Abuse (Project TND)

This is a school-based program designed to prevent substance use.
Date Modified: July 11, 2019

In 2011, Project Towards No Drug Abuse received a final program rating of Promising based on a review of two studies (Sussman et al.1998; Sussman et al. 2003) with the same first author.

In 2019, a re-review of three different studies (Sun et al. 2006; Sun et al. 2008; Sussman et al. 2012) was conducted using the updated CrimeSolutions Program Scoring Instrument and resulted in a new final rating of No Effects. Studies that are rated as No Effects have strong evidence indicating that the program had no or limited effects on measured outcomes when implemented with fidelity.

In 2020, an appeal was submitted regarding the selection of studies included in the 2019 re-review. As a result of the appeal, two studies (Sun et al. 2006; Sun et al. 2008) were removed from the evidence base and replaced with two other studies (Sussman et al. 2003; Valente et al. 2007). The third study in the 2019 re-review (Sussman et al. 2012) stayed in the evidence base. A review of all three studies was conducted, and the program rating remained as No Effects.

Date Created: June 15, 2011