Program Profile: Baltimore City (Md.) Drug Treatment Court

This is a drug treatment court that seeks to reduce rearrests and reconvictions for drug-involved individuals with substantial criminal and drug addiction histories.
Date Modified: October 16, 2020

In 2011, Baltimore City Drug Treatment Court (BCDTC) received a final program rating of Promising based on a review of studies by Gottfredson and colleagues (2003; 2005). In 2020, CrimeSolutions conducted a re-review of the same studies and an additional study (Kearley and Gottfredson 2019), using the updated CrimeSolutions Program Scoring Instrument. This re-review resulted in a new final rating of Effective. Studies that are rated as Effective have strong evidence indicating that the program had strong effects on measured outcomes when implemented with fidelity.

Date Created: June 13, 2011